Encourage your child to try a new sport or hobby with our sports and hobby products

It is always good to see if your child is interested in trying a new sport or hobby. Hobbies often mature into lifelong interests, even careers.  But how do you get them interested? Here are a few tips to help encourage your child to try something new:

Share your interests.

Be vocal about sports and hobbies you like. Remember, though, don’t force your interests on him or her. It’s good to encourage kids to try new things (and foster those things you can tell they enjoy), but sometimes a certain hobby or sport just isn’t for them right then.

Take them to a game.

We suggest, taking kids to a sporting event.  You don’t have to shell out a fortune for that. Go to the local school game or even your friend’s kid’s  cricket game.

Limit TV time.

Nothing sucks hours out of a day like the television. “Let’s face it, it’s impossible to work on a hobby and watch TV (or play video games) at the same time,”.

Let your child choose the activity.

“Kids gain confidence and a sense of self-esteem from the activities they choose themselves” .  Let them pick, but be careful they don’t over-book themselves. Too busy of a schedule can have a negative effect on your child’s interests. And, be sure to agree on a reasonable trial period.  If your child likes it, then he or she can continue; but if she doesn’t, then it’s okay at the end of the trial period to quit.

Encourage your child!

Trying something new is hard — even for adults. A little encouragement and support goes a long way.

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